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Permissions on Goal Level (Goal Owners vs. Goal Set Owners)

In Oppido, users can have one of the following permissions:


Every can automatically read all Goals, but can not change them. This cannot be changed.

Goal Owner (AKA Goal Assignee)

Specific people can be assigned as Goal Owners (Goal Assignees). In this case, they are responsible for fulfilling that specific goal and can therefore make some changes to it.

Only a Goal Set Owner can add a Goal Owner. To add someone as a Goal Owner, follow these steps:

Goal Set Owner

Specific people can be assigned as Goal Set Owners. Goal Set Owners are assigned to a specific department. In this case, GSOs are responsible for creating and assigning new goals. GSO have all the right of Goal Assignees as well.

Only an Administrator can add a GSO. To add someone as a Goal Set Owner, follow these steps: