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List of filters in Ideas

Ideas are divided according to their status in the top folders. You can choose the list of the ideas from All ideas, New ideas, Accepted ideas, In progress ideas, Completed ideas, Rejected ideas, and Stand-by ideas.

There is automatically chosen the list of the New ideas.

In filters there is automatically chosen the status according to the list you open.

In All ideas, you can find all the ideas, not divided according to their statuses.

All the newly created ideas are in New ideas. Once you save a new idea, the status can be changed.

An accepted idea is the idea you like and want to use.

The idea in progress is the idea which is being used to fulfill another goal, campaign or is connected to another idea.

Completed ideas are those ideas that finished their purpose.

Rejected ideas are those ideas that you do not like and do not want to use.

While the Stand-by ideas are those ideas you like and want to use in the future but not right now.