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List of applicable fields in Goals

Goal Name (Required)

Goal Name is the shortened name of the goal, as it will appear in Goal List and other parts of the application. Please give a name people will easily understand.

Status (Required)

Goals can have one of the following statuses:

  1. Draft – goal is currently being defined and isn’t yet measured.
  2. Active – goal is currently being fulfilled.
  3. Successful – goal is completed, with desired outcomes reached
  4. Unsuccessful – goal is completed, but without desired outcomes
  5. Canceled – goal was forfeited before success could be evaluated

Department (Required)

Department defines which company department/team is primarily responsible for fulfilling the goal. List of department can be defined using this manual. Only one department can be selected at the moment.

Metric (Required)

Metric is the unit of measurable results that this goal should achieve. Examples include CPC, Clicks, Pageviews, Leads, and others. List of metrics can be defined using this manual.

Value (Required)

Value is the numerical (or boolean) value of the aforementioned metric, that this goal should achieve. Based on what metric is chosen, the value can be min (at least) or max (at most).

Deadline (Required)

Deadline is the date, by which the goal should be completed.

Priority (Optional)

Priority sets the perceived subjective priority of the given goal. Can be used to sort and filter goals in Goal List.

Description (Required)

A longer description of the goal, with possibility to add further context to why the goal exists.

Connected Goals (Optional)

These are other goals, towards which this goal is connected. Connection can be parent (the other goal is higher in hierarchy) or child (the other goal is lower in hierarchy). When a goal is connected with relationship Parent, this goal will appear as Child on that one.

Connected Ideas (Optional)

These are ideas that people have generated, that can potentially help you fulfill this specific goal. When you connect an Idea, this goal will appear on it as a Connected Goal.

Connected Campaigns (Optional)

These are campaigns, that attempt to fulfill the desired outcome of this goal. When you connect a campaign, this goal will appear on it as a Connected Goal.

Breakdown (Optional)

Breakdown is a breakdown of the desired result (Metric & Value) between multiple dimensions. For more information on Breakdowns, go to Basics of Breakdowns.

Assignees (Optional, though suggested)

Assignees are the individual users of your Oppido account, that are personally responsible for fulfilling this goal. A goal can have one or more assignees. Assignees automatically have edit rights to certain parts of the Goal. Full goal can only be edited by Goal Set Owners.