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Benefits of Oppido

for Marketing Managers

Visualize Your Goals and Corresponding Activities

You have clear visibility of what you want to achieve as a department and what activities you are doing to achieve them. It is easy to set up and manage.

Collect Growth Ideas in Structured Form

You can promote ideas from anyone and make sure they feel heard. At the same time, keep structure in your ideas and choose the most relevant ones based on actual data.

Track Your Marketing Budget Simply and in Real-Time

With Oppido, you can see planned and spent budget and all allocated expenses. Furthermore, you can work with multi-dimensional budgets like partners, verticals, horizontals, territories.

Manage Your Complete Campaign Workflow in One System

Oppido allows you to define campaigns, plan and execute tasks, track budgets and collect results from 3rd party sources in one system.

Prototype and Experiment with Your Marketing Campaigns

Our solution helps you experiment with smaller campaigns. Based on partial results, you can easily make decisions on which campaigns to expand.

Easily Visualize Areas that Need Your Attention

From global goals to individual tasks, Oppido automatically tracks statuses and can easily let you know of problematic areas. Save time identifying problems manually, focus on solving them.

Evaluate the Exact Added Value of Marketing

At the tips of your fingers, you can show the benefits marketing brought to the company – leads, opportunities, recruitment candidates, new website visitors, or any other metric by using criteria with which you evaluate.

Reduce the Time Required for Repetitive Reporting

Oppido is integrated with key marketing systems, for example, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or CRM and ERP. Collected data are presented in actionable dashboards for your management purposes.

Types of Questions You’ll Be Able to

Answer with Oppido

Do we have a common agreement on key

    marketing goals?

Does everyone in my department know their

    objectives and related goals?

Do I know my department’s current budget


Are new ideas emerging? Do we respond

    proactively to them?

Can I quickly show a continuously updated

    marketing calendar?

⊕ Can I easily find out which campaigns need

    my focus and improvements?

⊕ What has marketing brought to the company

    in the last week, month, quarter?