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Give your strategic marketing a new home

The first fully dedicated
growth management system.

Have these challenges?

Poor alignment within team

Stop responding only and start driving business using your creative, analytical mind.

Misaligned with other departments?

It’s time to execute campaigns, that everyone agrees on and support the company goals.

Creative mess turned into actual mess?

Imagine having any marketing document at the tip of your fingers, automatically sorted.

Challenge managing time and budget?

Envision a world where you know exactly when a task will be done or how much a campaign will cost.

Growth Framework
Ready Out-of-the-Box

Built For Your Needs

Keep Everyone Alligned and Motivated

Growth is a team sport. Oppido is built so that everyone can join and find the right infomation quickly. Marketing calendar for sales? Done. Marketing budget spending for a partner? Done. Well arranged information just a few clicks away.

Get Rid of Copypasting

Everyone hates systems that require tons of manually inputed data to work. That’s why we’ve built Oppido with out-of-the-box integrations to most tools you already use. Download data automatically from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Salesforce and many others. With more coming every month.

Your Privacy, Your Rules

Invite your freelancers and agencies to cooperate on campaigns with you. Don’t want them to see your entire budget, or other campaigns you are working on? No problem. Oppido has user level access settings that allow you to define view rights exactly the way you want them.

System That Adapts to You

A company should never change to fit a system. A system should change to fit the customer. That’s why Oppido has a custom API to be able to download data from any third party system you use. Also, dashboards functionality is fully customizable based on your needs. Tell us, what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Have Your Set-Up Organized

We know how cluttered our phones and computers already are. That’s why we’ve built in notifications from Oppido to Slack, Teams and e-mail. It will automatically notify them, if anything important happens. Oppido will be there for your needs, but your team won’t have to check it everyday.

Growth is a team sport!

Your coleagues are the best source of information, inspiration and support.
That’s why we’ve built Oppido with the entire company in mind.