Give your strategic
a new home

Growth is a team effort orchestrated by your marketing department. But keeping everyone aligned, efficient, and motivated at the same time is nearly impossible!

Or, it was until we’ve decided to change that.

Have these challenges?

Poor alignment within team

Stop responding only and start driving business using your creative, analytical mind.

Misaligned with other departments?

It’s time to execute campaigns, that everyone agrees on and support the company goals.

Creative mess turned into actual mess?

Imagine having any marketing document at the tip of your fingers, automatically sorted.

Challenge managing time and budget?

Envision a world where you know exactly when a task will be done or how much a campaign will cost.

The Oppido way

We are the first
fully integrated Marketing Management System

Define and communicate your goals
Brainstorm, save, merge and execute on the best ideas.
Automatically track all your financial and time expenses (incl. hidden costs)
Have a central database of all your campaigns
Pull it all together, with state-of-the-art automatic dashboards. Make the best decisions and shine in front of your colleagues.

Growth marketing is a team sport!

Your coleagues are the best source of information, inspiration and support.
That’s why we’ve built Oppido with the entire company in mind.



Oppido helps CEOs give the entire organisation clear direction, promote idea and information sharing and track execution and performance in individual business areas.


Strategy & Organization

Gain insights from all the other departments, in a structured manner. Share information back easily and automatically. Keep everyone in the team aligned. Vizualize the marketing team’s value.


Technical Expertise

Synchronize your product roadmap with the marketing roadmap and communicate key USPs clearly.


Execution & Drive

Gain insight into the client’s business knowledge, share best practices and ideas. Increase value by sharing ideas. Increase efficiency with case-specific task management.


Budget Oversight

Get a clear, detailed overview of market expenditures, planned expenses and effectivity. Instantly and easily.


Internal Culture

Co-operate with marketing on communicating key Employer Value Propositions and provide ideas on individual job roles and HR marketing campaigns


Market Knowledge

Easily visualize all marketing plans and gain access to all marketing documents. Provide valuable ideas to marketing department without worry of them being lost.