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Benefits of Oppido for CEO

Clearly Communicate Company Goals

Oppido provides open communication for each team member. Our system gives you the space to define, communicate and track the company’s goals. Everybody knows their goals. Direction is key to success.

Visualize Marketing Plans, Budget, Activities, and Results

You have easy access to all your data to manage marketing departments properly. Oppido enables you
to visualize a high-level overview
as well as focus on detailed data.

Structure Your Dashboards as You Need Them

Oppido allows you to visualize your marketing data split by business dimensions you use; verticals, horizontals, partners, product lines,
or anything else.

Track and Analyze Any Hidden Costs

Oppido campaigns allow you to track even non-marketing team members’ time expenses. Therefore, you can easily track the hidden costs and evaluate the actual efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Evaluate the Exact Added Value of Marketing

At the tips of your fingers, you can see the benefits marketing brought to your business – leads, opportunities, recruitment candidates, new website visitors, or any other metric by using your evaluation criteria.

Types of Questions You’ll Be Able to

Answer with Oppido

Does every team member know their goals and those of the company?

Do team members have inputs to prioritize their activities correctly?

Do I have an overview of all the marketing activities we are currently doing and preparing?

Do I see value marketing brought to the company this week, month or quarter?

⊕ Do I see how many new ideas have been created during the last week, month or quarter?