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Benefits of Oppido

for Finance Managers

Track the Marketing Budget Simply and in Real-Time

With Oppido, you can see the planned and spent budget and all allocated expenses. Furthermore, you can work with multi-dimensional budgets like partners, verticals, horizontals, territories.

Track and Analyze Any Hidden Costs

Oppido campaigns allow you to track even non-marketing team members’ time expenses. Therefore, you can easily track the hidden costs and evaluate the actual efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Evaluate the Exact Added Value of Marketing

At the tips of your fingers, you can see the benefits marketing brought to business – leads, opportunities, recruitment candidates, new website visitors, or any other metric by using criteria with which you evaluate. Compare these results with the costs of marketing.

Types of Questions You’ll Be Able to

Answer with Oppido

How much does marketing plan to spend in

    the coming months and on what?

Is money spent on marketing efficient? Do I

    see results?

Doesn’t marketing hide any hidden costs

    from me?

Can I break down all marketing costs for

    individual divisions of the company?

⊕ Can I specify what marketing brings to the

    company precisely?