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Benefits of Oppido

for Sales

Clearly Communicate Sales Goals

Oppido gives you space to define, communicate and track sales goals. Direction is key to success. Make sure your goals and marketing goals are fully aligned.

Manage Idea Collection

You can gather ideas for new marketing campaigns and communicate them to marketing. You could participate inon decisions about which ones are the most important for implementation.

Visualize Marketing Plans, Budget, Activities and Results

You have easy access to all your data to manage marketing departments properly. Oppido enables you to visualize a high-level overview as well as focus on detailed data.

Structure Your Marketing Dashboards as You Need Them

Oppido allows you to visualize marketing data split by business dimensions you use; verticals, horizontals, partners, product lines, or anything else.

Measure the Marketing Contribution to Sales

You can quickly evaluate marketing’s objective contribution to sales goals based on leads, opportunities, or revenue. Subsequently, easily show the company’s management whether marketing helps you meet your goals or not.

Types of Questions You’ll Be Able to

Answer with Oppido

Do we agree on strategic goals with marketing? 

Je můj tým proaktivní při vytváření nových nápadů pro růst podniku?

Can I precisely say what marketing delivers for the business?

Can I excatly say what new marketing campaigns are planned?

⊕ Can I objectively tell my boss whether marketing is effective for sales or not?