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Okay, we may have gone a little crazy here. We are building a super-modern marketing company. Yet, we’ve decided to connect its name to the Iron Age and the Roman empire. Well, there’s more than meets the eye.

Amazing, so we can copy Wikipedia well. But where’s the connection?

2000 B.C., a new type of settlement has started to appear in Europe. Between Britain, Iberia and the Hungarian plain. We call these settlements oppida (sin. oppidum) but the term was originally coined by Julius Caesar who first came across oppida in the Gallic wars 58 – 52 BC. The word oppidum supposedly comes from Latin ob-pedum (or enclosed space).

The connection comes exactly from those Gallic wars. During his time, Julius Ceasar named 28 oppida and they became key in his efforts to bring Roman progressive culture to the rest of Europe (i.e. conquer it). Oppida became very important economic sites. Fortified settlements, where merchants produced, stored and sold their goods. Where legions could obtain supplies. They were political centers, where authorities met and made significant decisions.