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Free Marketing Persona Template

Structure your marketing and increase its efficiency by using personas. To maintain consistency and clarity of your audience, use our Free Marketing Persona Template as a starting point!

What you’ll find inside?

Our Free Persona Template is a Google Sheets file with a structure typical for persona definition. It includes standard sections such as demographics, psychographics, personal profile, examples of people in niche, sources of information, and product-related information. More advanced questions include notes with additional information and questions you can ask when conducting qualitative research.


Product-related information


How should you use it? 

  1. Make a Google Sheets copy to your own Google Drive, or download an XLSX copy.
  2. Name individual personas at the top (one column per persona).
  3. Conduct as many interview as you can and fill out the details.
  4. Constantly refresh and double-check your personas.
  5. Change and tweak the template to fit your needs!

Where to find additional information?

If you’re interested in more information about healthcare startup landscape you can explore several databases online such as crunchbase.com, owler.com, linkedin.com, forbes.com, and the like.