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Idea Management Framework

Ideas are essential to long-term growth. But keeping everyone motivated while maintaining order is hard. This framework shows you how to do it.

What you’ll find inside?

Our Idea Management Framework is a PDF file with a detailed description of the ideation process. The booklet is spread into three parts. It focuses explicitly on individual parts of generating, developing, communicating, executing, and feedbacking ideas within the idea management journey. It includes sections such as involved role of people, processes automation, goals description, ideas collection, prototyping, and learnings suggestions.

Besides, you can find The Idea Management Process Map enclosed in the file.

Where to find additional information?

We’ve written few articles about different stages of marketing strategy development. You can find them here. Besides, we prepared other frameworks that might help your business growth journey. If you run into any issues, contact us at info@oppido.com.