The Healthcare Startups Report 2022

Read our latest Healthcare Startups Report to understand current healthcare environment. Now you can catch up with trends that ruling your industry scene.

What you’ll find inside?

Healthcare Industry is one of the most aspiring business fields, and we believe it's the driving force of future business development. Bearing that in mind, we've decided to analyze more than 6,000 startups active in different fields of the healthcare industry. The report focuses explicitly on healthcare startups operating in European Union since 2012, and it's spread into three main parts:

  • Snapshot 2021 - industry overview
  • Healthcare Investment Trends
  • Focus on Personal Health & Wellness - example of a detailed report of one subgroup.

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Where to find additional information?

If you're interested in more information about healthcare startup landscape you can explore several databases online such as,,,, and the like.

Where to find information about my particular industry?

For more in-depth information about your company contact us at We're gladly help you discover more about your business.

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