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Mindpax is a health technology company helping bipolar psychiatric patients to manage their disease using digital therapeutics as a combination of long-term monitoring and targeted psychoeducation. Since being founded in 2015, Mindpax successfully launched its platform in the Czech Republic, Germany, and the United States, collaborating with more than 20 clinical partners and assisting more than 1000 users around the globe.


Mindpax is a specific client with a lean group of potential customers, partners, or investors. It’s a startup in the seed stage with limited resources and only one person in the marketing department.


Requirements of Mindpax management were as follows:

1. To rebuild a new marketing department focusing on new client acquisition in the Czech republic.
2. To gain better visibility of the Mindpax system on the Czech market and increase visibility in psychiatric clinics in Germany.
3. To encourage communication towards investors to increase brand perception.


Oppido created processes for campaign creation in Mindpax according to management and sales requirements. We executed several key activities to accomplish the objectives mentioned above:

  • Definition and design of marketing personas
  • Competitive analysis of comparative digital therapeutics startups
  • Development of brand new website with content updated for each communication persona
  • Implementation of Oppido Growth Management Framework on the whole process
  • Integration of all analytics and marketing tools (Google Analytics, FB Pixel, HotJar, HubSpot CRM, and many others)
  • Updated investor materials
  • Secured presence at Web Summit 2021
  • Managed operational marketing activities (social media marketing, content marketing, PPC)


As a result, Mindpax managed the marketing strategy successfully with a clear track record of website traffic, client acquisition, and investor attraction.

  • The number of website users increased 3X within one month.
  • The average session duration increased 100% in four months.
  • The bounce rate remained constant or even decreased throughout the tracked period.
  • 35 new clients were gained during two months in the Czech republic alone.
  • 5 new potential investors voiced their interest thanks to a targeted campaign on Web Summit 2021.


“Thanks to Oppido, we have functional marketing under control, generating new opportunities for our sales department, with a clear vision, goal set-up, and achievement measurement. They helped us to build a pipeline of new potential investors and clients.”

Soňa Sikorová, CEO & Co-Founder