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META IT | Case Study


For over 12 years, Meta IT has created software customised to fulfill the clients’ needs.To date, they completed more than fifty projects and grew into a stable company of fifty people. They led and cooperated on regional as well as large international projects.


The company faced a typical situation of growing a startup in the scaling phase. There was an increasing gap between sales and delivery teams, resulting in a low number and quality of generated leads, and the company stopped its growth. For several years, the company was locked around 20M CZK revenue.


META IT voiced their requirements as follows:

  1.  To help build an effective marketing department.
  2. To start campaign management and increase the quality and quantity of generated leads.
  3. To ensure strategic collaboration between sales and delivery.
  4. To bring more structure into the reporting of growth activities.


We executed several key activities:

  • Setup of the roles in Marketing and Sales
  • Lead the process of building a new vision and strategy for growth
  • Train marketing department in setting up of lead generation campaign
  • Creating USPs according to verticals inside Meta IT
  • Identification of target groups in each vertical
  • Execute series of Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Set-up of Growth Management System Oppido to manage the process


  • The revenue doubled in one year from 20 to 40M.
  • They have enough new leads to manage their growth.
  • The sales and delivery department work on the next campaigns together.


“Before starting with Oppido, we were in the typical situation of many smaller IT companies. My contacts had been over-utilised, and the company stopped growing. Thanks to cooperation with Oppido, we restarted again. They helped us build normal sales and marketing departments and set up cooperation between them and our delivery departments. Their help in the first series of campaign execution significantly increased lead generation and finally almost doubled our revenue. I want to thank especially Ivan Hruska, CEO of Oppido, for his strategic role in this process.”

Laco Ruttkay, CEO & Owner of Meta IT