Support Your Product-Related Market Research Activities

Using Oppido, you can easily visualize all your market research campaigns and their results. Oppido can help you gain a better understanding of the market needs.

Oversee Product Launch Campaigns

Be automatically notified about changes to product launch campaigns. Easily keep tabs on the quality of product launch campaigns.

Track any Hidden Costs to Your Department

Oppido campaigns allow you to track even non-marketing team members’ time expenses. Easily track the time your people spend on marketing campaigns.

Visualize Product Line Support

Oppido allows you to visualize and compare your product lines’ marketing support.

Types of Questions You’ll Be Able to
Answer with Oppido

Am I sure our product launch campaigns are great?

Do I have access to all our market research data?

Do I have perfect visibility into product launch campaigns?

Do I have data to discuss the involvement of my people in marketing professionally?

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