Understand Your Goals and Corresponding Activities

You have clear visibility of what you want to achieve as a department and what activities you are doing to achieve them. It is easy to set up and manage.

Manage Your Personal Budget

Track your available budget, efficiently allocate planned expenses and see how much you’ve spent already. Quickly deliver a continually updated budget to your manager.

Note Down Every Amazing Idea

Oppido supports your creativity by collecting and structuring new ideas of what your team could do. Every idea counts. Connect ideas to make that breakthrough.

Prioritize Your Work Effortlessly

When you log into Oppido in the morning, know exactly what you need to work on and why exactly. Identify and handle potential problems before they implode.

Keep Tabs on What’s Happening

Oppido automatically notifies you of changes to any goal, idea, campaign, or task you are responsible for or on which you are working.

Reduce Time Required for Repetitive Reporting

Oppido is integrated with key marketing systems, for example, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or CRM and ERP. Collected data are presented in actionable dashboards for your management purposes.

Types of Questions You’ll Be Able to
Answer with Oppido

Do I have clearly specified goals?

Can I easily show my boss the results and progress of my work?

Can I tell my boss at any time how much of the budget I have already spent and how much I still have left?

Can I show my boss that I’m overloaded on tasks?

Can I easily find out where the problem in the campaign is and how to solve it quickly?

Do I spend a considerable amount of time reporting or creating my work reports?

Can I make more decisions without having to ask my boss?

Am I sure that my colleagues know what I need from them and confirm that they will deliver it on time?

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