Clearly Communicate HR Goals

Oppido gives you space to define, communicate and track HR goals. Direction is key to success. Make sure your goals and marketing goals are fully aligned.

Manage Your Complete HR Campaign Workflow in One System

Oppido allows you to define campaigns, plan and execute tasks, track budgets and collect results from 3rd party sources in one system.

Prototype and Experiment with Your HR Marketing Campaigns

Our solution helps you experiment with smaller campaigns. Based on partial results, you can easily make decisions on which campaigns to expand.

Visualize HR Marketing Plans, Budget, Activities, and Results

You have easy access to all your data to manage HR marketing properly. Oppido enables you to visualize a high-level overview and focus on detailed data on internal culture and corporate engagement.

Measure the Marketing Contribution to HR

You can quickly evaluate marketing’s objective contribution to HR goals based on CVs, candidates, clicks, or other metrics. Subsequently, easily show the company’s management whether marketing helps you meet your goals or not.

Types of Questions You’ll Be Able to
Answer with Oppido

Am I able to ask for marketing resources in a structured way?

Can I track whether marketing is fulfilling the agreed plans?

Do I see precisely which HR campaign’s marketing is working on?

Can I easily measure the success of individual HR marketing campaigns?

Do I have data to discuss the involvement of my people in marketing professionally?

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